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Scuba Diving during Typhoons 2009

Elegant Squat Lobster


Crocodile Snake Eel

Magnificent Shrimp

Painted Anglerfish

Pygmy Seahorse

Mantee Shrimpg

Marbled Snake Eel

Red Lionfishg

Clown Snake Eel

Moses Sole

Wreck of Alma Jane

Basket Star


Hawksbill Turtel


Decorator Spider Crab

Reef Stonefish

Longnose Hawkfish


Banded Sea Snake


Goby on wire corall

Electric Clam Shell


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While we were on the Philippines, there were several typhoons. Only rarely did it happen, the dives were canceled. But it was raining, with few exceptions, almost always. Wind and rain often led to poor visibility significantly. This made the macro photography of a real challenge.

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